What is the concept of yoga?

The definition of yoga is a state, the union of your inner self with the divine or the spirit. The highest state of yoga is achieved through concentration, meditation, practice and discipline. This leads to self-transformation and well-being. This concept refers to the union of the practitioner with a supreme being.

This includes any method you may choose to achieve this union. The primary consideration of this term is the union of an individualized spirit with the all-powerful spirit. This concept was originally taught by the widely considered founder of Yoga, Patanjali. Since many of the first writings on yoga appeared in the ancient language called Sanskrit, discovering the true meaning of each concept depends on understanding the language.

All of these yoga concepts were derived from the original meanings of the words that make up these concepts. The philosophy of yoga also incorporates the concepts of the subtle body and the spiritual energies of prana and kundalini that move through the nadis and chakras. This concept is directly related to the ability to realize the difference between reality and the fantastic or unrealistic part of life. This concept requires the participant to distance themselves from everything they enjoy in their mortal life in order to better prepare for life after death.

Instead, the intention is to summarize the 12 main concepts of yoga in an understandable format that you can easily implement in your daily life to improve the overall quality of your lifestyle. More specifically, Sannyasa involves adherence to all other concepts of yoga and is the ultimate quest for perfection in all aspects of life to achieve a truly healthy and perfect afterlife. When employing this concept, the practitioner must remember to constantly review what is real and what is false and employ appropriate reactions based on their findings. In addition, as you better understand the various concepts related to yoga, feel free to experiment with the different concepts that interest you most.

Sannyasa is the concept that attempts to summarize all the other concepts of yoga that contribute to a well-directed life. This concept not only refers to physical and mental acts against other spirits, but also to the practitioner's ability to achieve enlightenment and union with the supreme being. However, it will be important to understand the various concepts associated with yoga, on a superficial level, as it will better prepare you to choose what type and how you will practice and integrate yoga into your daily lifestyle. This is not only the scientific concept of sensory perception, but also the metaphysical capacity of the mind to receive signals from the spirit.